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Reasons for Choosing 4Front Pharmacy Online

There are many reasons to choose 4Front Pharmacy Online as your training partner. While there is little choice about the need for training, we appreciate that you always have a choice of training partner or solution. The need for training is very clearly outlined on the regulations available here.

4Front Pharmacy is a new and innovative pharmacy e-learning platform designed for the entire pharmacy team to make training and development simple, convenient, efficient and effective so that the development of pharmacist-led teams at the heart of the community is supported.

4Front Pharmacy strongly and passionately believes in the huge potential and value that community pharmacy offers. It is our mission to assist pharmacists and pharmacies to be THE hub of community health and wellness, putting self-care at the heart of healthcare, through state of the art online training.

Benefits of Investing in 4Front Pharmacy for your Team


Your entire pharmacy team in a simple, convenient and synchronous manner without taking anybody off the pharmacy floor.


All courses come with full assessment through Multiple Choice Questionnaires (MCQ) which provide Certificates and build to the award of “Badges” so you can build expertise in your pharmacy.


Comply with mandatory PSI regulations so that you can provide evidence of training for all mambers of your pharmacy team during an inspection or in the case that there is an issue around advice given by a specific member.

Increase Sales

Engaging with 4Front Pharmacy has been shown to be directly associated with significant increase in OTC product sales. Following Pain, Suncare and Allergy training, audited Pain Products increased by 26%, Sun Care Products by 36% and Allergy Products by 47% in pilot customer testing.

Reasons for Choosing Us

Quality products

4Front Pharmacy Online is a high quality educational tool, developed
to the same standards as modules we have created for the PSI
(Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland) and the IIOP (Irish Institute of
Pharmacy). In addition to quality production processes we believe our
Production values in terms of engaging content are far superior to any
current offering available. Our website also has been created with
usability in mind and our educational philosophy adopts an Adult
Learning approach rather than a childlike pedagogical approach as some
pharmacy training courses adopt.

Customer Quote:
‘I look forward to new courses coming. I really love the way they are
presented and the fact that I can go back in and have a quick look at a
particular section. The videos are so handy’
Grace K, Counter Assistant, Pharmacy (Carlow)

Quality assurance

4Front pharmacy Online have implemented multiple SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to ensure consistent quality AND continued annual update of every course. This allows you to trust us to outsource your training to:

  • Outsource training development and quality assurance to industry experts, freeing up time and resources for implementation and business growth strategies
  • Reduce the risk of other urgent priorities taking precedence over training and development (because training is outsourced)

Regulatory compliance

Compliance with PSI regulations is an absolute for any Pharmacy Business. 4Front Pharmacy Online will assist you to:

  • Ensure existing and new staff meet PSI requirements
  • Record and monitor all activity for PSI compliance
  • Reduce the financial and reputational risk of non-compliance

Value for money

An investment in training is an investment in a person, a culture, a way of business and your customers. 4Front Pharmacy offers exceptional value in terms of available and delivered content and range of training. Unlike some FREE training, 4Front Pharmacy is not compromised by sponsorship, not limited by advertising desires and totally independently produced.

Yet, the average cost per training module delivered is €3.32 per completed course (with Assessment & Certificate) €2.40 per hour of training (Recorded & Verified) Membership includes access to all courses, all reports and the peace of mind of knowing every course is updated annually.

Financial return

Very surprisingly to some Pharmacy owners (but not to us) one of the greatest benefits of 4Front Pharmacy Online will be the financial return for the business. This comes in the format of reduced training costs; reduce compliance and regulation costs, lower customer complaints and PSI investigations. However strikingly in ongoing research 4Front Pharmacy have tracked training impact on our customers business and it is clearly evident that 4Fro0nt Pharmacy online has been associated with a significant increase in OTC sales across multiple Pharmacy outlets. In a case study being prepared, post Training with 4Front Pharmacy results included:

  • Average year on Year monthly OTC Sales increase by 23%
  • Sun Care Product increase by 36% following Sun Badge Completion
  • Analgesic Product sales increase by 26% following pain Badge Completion
  • Allergy Treatment and Prevention sales increase by 47% following Sun Badge Completion

Range of courses

4Front Pharmacy offers a broader range of courses that any other similar offering. It is our philosophy that training must be broad to meet your business needs, so in addition to Clinical Courses, we have case studies, business courses and foundation courses for all Pharmacy staff. Because we are not limited by sponsorship we create courses that you want, NOT what your suppliers want you to know.

Customer Quote: ‘The case studies really stand out for me in showing staff how a consultation can be done Andrew, Pharmacist (Dublin)

Staff attraction, return and productivity

4Front Pharmacy Online work very closely with managers, owners, locum and staff providers. The most valuable asset your business has is its people. The most telling sign of how attractive a business is can be staff turnover and the ability to replace staff. Support staff quality and training is seen as one of the biggest decision factors by Locum pharmacists. 4Front pharmacy Online can:

  • Reduce the administrative burden on pharmacists of developing training, assessing competence and validating compliance
    Provide all staff with an instant, appropriate and quality controlled training schedule, relevant to seasonal topics and company promotional calendar
  • Congruence between the company’s brand values and service delivery, reduces customer complaints, improves customer satisfaction and creates a culture to which staff are proud to belong, reducing staff turnover
  • Reduce the risks of instability, haemorrhaging staff and customers and ultimately business closure associated with the voluntary turnover of supervising pharmacists

Customer Quote: ‘As a locum pharmacist, I choose only to work with staff that are well trained and managed. Its juts too risky for me otherwise Karen, Pharmacist (Cork)

Corporate governance

Corporate governance is about patient, business and reputational risk. Risk reduction strategies include investing in staff training. 4Front Pharmacy Online can help you to:

  • Implement ‘Risk Reduction’ strategies throughout the business
  • Provide appropriate levels of access to training records for management
  • Support policy implementation along with role specific training
  • Reduce the financial, legal and reputational risk of fines and investigations associated with poor corporate governance

Company culture

The culture within an organization must be led by the management or owner. If management value their staff this is abundantly clear and felt among every member of a team. Investing in training for staff is seen as one of the key indicators of company culture and staff feeling valued. 4Front Pharmacy Online is about making your team better, to make you better. Improving your company culture can reduce the reputational damage associated with inconsistent service delivery.