Pharmacy Managers

For Pharmacy Managers

As a Pharmacist or manager you have to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, often including actively managing members of staff and ensuring compliance with significant numbers of operational procedures, PSI guidelines, dispensing requests and of course being a healthcare professional, advising many patients each day.

A pharmacy is a healthcare facility and all staff should (legally required!) be trained to provide accurate and knowledgeable information to all patients. This makes your role as a Pharmacist or Pharmacy manager easier and reduces the professional risk on you.

Explore below to see some of the main benefits you will have as a pharmacist manager or supervising pharmacist:
The benefits to you and your team include:

The benefits to you and your team include:

Whole pharmacy team training

4Front Pharmacy provides training for the complete team, from pharmacists to part time counter assistants. Our courses provide a range of clinical and non clinical courses that facilitate training of experienced staff and new starters. You can tailor training to suit an individual need or develop a coherent pharmacy wide training programme. All at the touch of a button.
As a manager you will also benefit from touch button reporting on all staff progress, instantly providing training records for your pharmacy.

Quality of pharmacy interactions

The greatest protection a business has is to ensure all consultations are carried out to the highest level and in line with expected standards. Implementing 4 Front Pharmacy Online training was associated with:

  • 75% Increase in WWHHAAMM Q*
  • 171% Increase in Pharmacist Consultations*
  • 275% increase in understanding of prescription*
  • 200% increase in ‘Intervention Rate’ (potential problems)*

*Based on Baseline Pharmacy Assessment (January 2019) and repeat assessment at 6 months (June 2019)

Staff engagement & confidence

4Front Pharmacy Online can be incorporated into a weekly training schedule for all users, without the need to travel or be off premises. With most courses taking just under 30 minutes to complete, it allows all staff remain at work and to engage at a suitable time for them, easily incorporated into a working week. It also allows new staff to be trained immediately and offers complete guidance to part time staff.

Because 4 Front Pharmacy offers courses in a variety of topics, all your training from Product knowledge, consultation skills and business knowledge is covered in a single purchase.
Research into user engagement with 4Front Pharmacy Online has shown:

Research into user engagement with 4Front Pharmacy Online has shown

Engagement Levels Impact of 4Front Pharmacy Online
Measure Result
Staff Training Engagement Range (depending on pharmacy store) 68-93%
Average time to module completion (weekly modules) 26 mins
Product Knowledge Confidence Increase +82%
Positive User Reaction +88%

Compliance and regulation

As a pharmacist or manager you have legal responsibilities for the advice provided around you. With 4Front Pharmacy Online training you can provide the mandated training and maintain a record of training ensuring your compliance with PSI guidelines.

4Front Works for Pharmacists and Managers…

The online training has solved so many rostering headaches. Just for that, 4FrontPharmacy training is worth it.
Ann Marie
Supervising Pharmacist
“I used to have nightmares about letting new employees serve customers at the OTC counter. Most of them have no clue about the importance of their role as a pharmacy assistant and I was constantly on edge worrying that they would sell something inappropriate or not refer to me. It was so stressful to feel that it wasn’t safe to practice with untrained staff on my team, but, with my existing workload, I didn’t have the time to train them properly. With 4FrontPharmacy Online training, new staff members immediately get a professional introduction, so, they at least know enough to refer to me and why that is important. This gives me so much peace of mind.”
Supervising Pharmacist
“One of my roles as superintendent pharmacist is to promote and articulate the value of pharmacy, not just among our employees, but to our patients in the community, to other healthcare professionals and to non-pharmacist board members. I have found 4FrontPharmacy Online Training helps me to bridge the gap between the commercial and professional needs of the pharmacy business. For example, in spring, our marketing department ran a local radio campaign, along with the IPU ‘Ask Your Pharmacist First’ TV campaign and window display on Hay Fever and Allergies. In tandem, all staff completed the 4FrontPharmacy Digital ‘Allergy’ Badge. As a result our allergy sales for Q2 was 23% higher this year than last year, due in a large part to better quality of hay fever consultations.”
Superintendent Pharmacist
“Over the past six months, I have noticed that I am more confident in my own OTC consultations and that my staff are also much better at finding out whether they need to refer to me or not. It has freed up my time. I am learning to delegate better and focus more and more on work that only I can do.”

Supervising Pharmacist