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Pharmacy Employee

Working in a pharmacy you have to manage multiple tasks simultaneously, often including actively managing customer queries, requests and ensuring compliance with significant numbers of operational procedures, PSI guidelines, dispensing requests and of course being a healthcare professional, advising many patients each day.
A pharmacy is a healthcare facility and all staff should (legally required!) be trained to provide accurate and knowledgeable information to all patients. Whether you work behind a make-up counter, medicines counter or just part time, you are still expected to be able to provide accurate advice to patients and know when to ask for pharmacist referral.

The benefits of 4 Front Pharmacy Online to you and your team include:

  • Convenient Training

    Learn anytime, anywhere with our flexible online modules to suit your work-life situation. Depending on your situation, you can learn while you commute, during scheduled learning time at work, after the kids have gone to bed, while out for a walk and/or by grabbing 15 minutes on a quieter dispensing day to learn with your colleagues at work

  • Range of Courses

    No matter what position you are employed as, or whether your full time or part time, there are 4 Front Pharmacy courses that will be suitable for you. In addition we have many ‘Awards and badges’ that can assist you achieving educational progression as you work, ensuring you can provide service excellence at all times to provide significant professional and career enhancement. We have a wide range of categories to suit your needs:

    • Symptoms in the Pharmacy
    • OTC Product Knowledge
    • How the Body Works
    • Health and Well-Being
    • Skin and Beauty
    • Consultation Skills
    • Foundation Courses
    • Business and Retail Basics
    • Leadership

  • Confidence Increase

    Increase your confidence in yourself and your team because you are all knowledgeable, well informed colleagues, trained to respond to customers’ needs and refer appropriately to the pharmacist when required.

    Research into user engagement with 4Front Pharmacy Online has shown:

    Engagement Levels Impact of 4Front Pharmacy Online
    Measure Result
    Staff Training Engagement Range (depending on pharmacy store) 68-93%
    Average time to module completion (weekly modules) 26 mins
    Product Knowledge Confidence Increase +82%
    Positive User Reaction +88%

  • No Barriers to Training

    24hr access to convenient, user friendly, bite-size, engaging content from any device at any location with a wifi or mobile internet connection.

  • Work Motivation

    Be truly proud to work in community pharmacy. 4Front Pharmacy training enhances the reputation and value of community pharmacy by enabling the whole pharmacy team to deeply appreciate and recognise the professional capabilities of the pharmacist, so that all staff members know how to promote this value to customers and within the community.
    Be acknowledged and recognised for your dedication to constantly improving customer care by consistently engaging with 4Front Pharmacy training.

Complimenting all roles within the Pharmacy.....

  • ‘I look forward to new courses coming. I really love the way they are presented and the fact that I can go back in and have a quick look at a particular section. The videos are so handy’

    Grace K
    Counter Assistant, Pharmacy (Carlow)
  • ‘It was so beneficial to have access to this training while I was doing my pharmacy technician course. In the first year, I was the only person studying in the pharmacy and I felt a bit isolated. But in the second year, we were all learning together. I think we all appreciate each other’s roles more now and I found that I was much more engaged with my pharmacy technician course work as a result of both the online videos and the fact we were all learning together.’

    Pharmacy Technician
  • ‘I qualified as a technician years ago and it is an understatement to say I was sceptical when I was told our whole team was going to be enrolled on an online training programme. I thought it would be a waste of time AND I am not techie minded, so the thought of it intimidated me initially. However, I can proudly say that of the 35 modules I have done so far, I have learned something in every single one of them and it turns out that the tech-barrier was overcome in week 1. My recommendation? If your pharmacy does enrol you, give it a try. You won’t be sorry!’

    Pharmacy Technician
  • ‘I did the IPU Medicine Counter Assistant Course several years ago. I learned a lot and it seems I also forgot a lot! I am really enjoying using the videos to learn how to serve my customers better and I am learning lots of practical tips for use as a Mum at home too!’

    OTC Counter Assistant (and Mum)
  • ‘Initially, I thought that doing the OTC training would be a total waste of time as I spend my time on the cosmetic counter. It was only after I started the course that I noticed just how many times I am asked for OTC products at my cosmetic counter. Before starting, I used to just sell them. It never occurred to me to ask questions or refer to the pharmacist, unless the customer asked me to. Now I really see the value of my healthcare training and see how, when done right, this is a real point of difference between selling cosmetics in a department store and selling cosmetics in a pharmacy. I am proud to be a health and wellbeing assistant, as well as a Clarins girl’

    Clarins Cosmetic Assistant
  • ‘Now that I have better OTC product knowledge, I have more confidence to help solve problems with my customers and come up with really good solutions. Last week, a lady came in for a nail polish, and while we were talking, she told me she was going on a family holiday to Portugal. Before I would never have asked her if she had everything she needed for her travel first aid kit, but this time I did. She was thrilled I’d asked her, because she hadn’t thought of it. She ended up buying 7 other items, in addition to the nail polish – things she really needed. She said I was a life saver and I had saved her loads of time and hassle. It made my day being able to help her like that’

    Pharmacy Beautician