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What are the benefits of investing in 4Front Pharmacy Online Training?

When you and your team IMPLEMENT the learning from 4Front Pharmacy’s modules, your patients, customers, team members and business benefit through

  • potential 7% turnover increase
  • up to 23% OTC products sales increase
  • >200% increase in WWHAMM implementation in every consultation
  • best practice training, assessment and validation simply and effectively demonstrate a high quality professional governance
  • enhanced staff product knowledge and higher quality customer interactions create consistently safer patient care
  • job satisfaction and retention improves because your team have the tools to deliver better quality service and patient care
  • reduce downtime, as training time is exclusively spent on training (as opposed to travel, shop cover, food and subsistence) resulting in the ability to apply the learning within minutes for the benefit of patients and customer
  • patients needs are more accurately identified and solutions more confidently offered, which improves sales that support self-care
  • empowers staff members to operate to their full scope of practice, freeing up pharmacists to operate to THEIR full scope, which drives innovation, creativity, service excellence and business growth

Most recently we have seen empiric evidence that there is a statistically significant correlation with Increased OTC sales following training with 4Front Pharmacy Online.